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About Us

category-aboutus.jpgWelcome to JAS-eTea.com!

JAS-eTea.com is your friendly neighborhood online tea store.

Our Product Offerings Have Recently Expanded

JAS-eTea now offers the following in addition to our regular premium teas:

  • loose leaf flavored teas
  • herbal teas and decaffeinated teas
  • chais (spiced tea in the style from India)
  • a selection of fine teas and herbals in pyramid sachets

Our Premium Tea Lineup

At JAS-eTea we still have over 300 premium teas and quality tea-related products available, as you can see by browsing our site and reading our customer reviews. These premium teas include:

  • a number of pu-erh teas (both raw and ripe varieties as well as máochá form)
  • premium oolong teas from China, Taiwan, and Thailand
  • many types of green teas, from the popular Longjing to more rare teas
  • rare and top quality white teas
  • exceptional Chinese black teas

Other Site Features

At JAS-eTea’s online tea store, you can:

  • view detailed images of our products
  • buy the best teas at affordable, online prices
  • learn about different types of teas, infusing techniques, tea culture, tea history, and possible health benefits
  • find herbals to please your palate as well as flavored teas, both loose leaf and in pyramid sachets
  • see what others have said about the tea products that you’re interested in
  • write your own review and share your thoughts on any of the items on the site

Who We Are

At JAS-eTea we love tea. We sincerely appreciate your business and the feedback that you provide to help us to continually evolve to better meet your needs.

You might be wondering: "Where did your company name come from and how do you pronounce it?" Well, "JAS" stands for Janice and Steve. My beautiful wife, Janice, is the love of my life and has been my partner in my life journey for more than 30 years. She is my soulmate and best friend. The eTea part of the name indicates the methodology for acquiring and selling the Tea: via the internet. When you say the name all together, it very naturally comes out sounding like "jazz-eTea dot com" which has a rather nice ring to it. After all, jazz is one of my favorite forms of music.

We share our love of these teas with you and wish you all good health.

Our Mission

To promote the knowledge and awareness of fine teas and meet your expectations of what an exceptional tea vendor should be.

Our Goals

  1. To provide the finest service available. We firmly believe that service is paramount in any business endeavor. If you ever have a concern with our service, please give us feedback and let us know how we can improve.
  2. To be your tea source of first resort. When you think of tea, we want you to think of JAS-eTea.com!
  3. To continually improve our selection of products. If we don't have the tea you are looking for, let us know. We would like the opportunity to acquire that tea for you.

We’d Love to Hear from You!

Email: sales@jas-etea.com

Telephone: 828-808-4440

Snail mail address:

Stephen Shelton
60 Towne Place Dr.
Hendersonville, NC 28792


  • A.C. CargillProvides design, editing, and a host of tasks to transition our store on the BigCommerce platform to its next stage.
  • Russell Chozick – Without his help, I would not have had the foundation for the early site that has been transitioned into the BigCommerce platform. 
  • Tom Antony (aka Salsero) – A fellow tea lover who provided a number of the photographs used on this site.