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Black Teas

Fine Black Teas

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Our black teas (called "red teas" in China and most of Asia) are some of the most exclusive available online. They are from China, Taiwan, Thailand, and India. Black tea consists of tea leaves that have been allowed to oxidize fully. A range of flavors are possible from the leaves, depending on where grown, when harvested, and how processed. Our range of black teas are often hand-picked and hand-processed by skilled tea masters.

Teas are made from the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) or one of its varietals, cultivars, or clonals. Black tea is made of leaves harvested from this plant. The leaves have undergone a certain style of processing afterwards. There is a wide variety of resulting black teas, due in part to variations in that processing and in part due to terroir (location where grown, including elevation, and time of year when harvested). Black tea is also referred to as a fully oxidized tea, that is, one where the leaves have undergone CONTINUE READING...

Sample packs are available as supply allows. Check our Sample Packs page.

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