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Blog - Pu-eh Tea

High Quality from Menghai Tea Factory


Get this classic 2010 Menghai 7542 pu-erh tea from JAS-eTea today. This blend was first developed in 1975 and has been produced ever since. It makes a wonderful full bodied tea that can be enjoyed all day long. The cake is composed of an average grade 4 leaves raw Pu-erh leaves (maocha) and will produce excellent tea. 

Seasoning your New Yixing Teapot

In order for your tea to be the most flavorful that it can be you need to season your new Yixing teapot. If you don't go through this process your tea may taste bland. This is due to the pot absorbing the oils out of the tea leaves and not letting them mix into the [...]

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Providing the World with Great Tea

At JAS-eTea.com our goal is to promote the knowledge and awareness of fine teas, particularly pu-erh teas.  We provide you with high quality service and want to earn your business and become your main source for all things related to tea. We strive to always improve our selection of teas, so if you don’t find [...]

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Korean Style Tea Pot

At JAS-eTea we have traditional handmade Korean-style tea pot and cups. This pot and cups is made to look like rough porcelain which is very natural and elegant. This set contains one tea pot and six teacups and would make the perfect tea set to have at home or to give as a gift.     

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Green Tea May Facilitate Weight Loss

Studies have shown that drinking green tea may fight the battle of the weight loss. There is also evidence that it can help fight heart disease, cancer and other diseases also. The study showed that people who drank a bottle of tea fortified with green tea extract every day for three months lost more body [...]

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Pu-erh Infusion Guidelines

Even though there is no precise recipe for infusing pu-erh tea, there are some basic guidelines that you should follow. First use between 5 – 7 grams of tea per 100 ml of water. Secondly, rinse the tea once or twice depending on the type of tea using. For more information on the infusion [...]

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400cc Cha Hai Glass Pitcher

Get this beautiful 400cc Cha Hai Glass Triangle Pitcher from JAS eTea. This pitcher has a larger volume for those times when you have several guests that want to share a cup or glass of tea. This teapot is made of high quality glass and will enhance your party with beauty. Visit JAS eTea today [...]

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Chinese Dragon and Phoenix Tea Pot

This Chinese Dragon and Phoenix Tea Pot from JAS eTea is a traditional Chinese tea pot. This 400cc teapot is big enough for several drinkers to share and is equipment with a stainless steel strainer to keep the tea leaves separated from the tea in a very convenient manner. This teapot comes with two cups [...]

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2008 Xiaguan FT “Yun Mei” Raw Pu-Erh Tea Iron Cake

Yun Mei or otherwise known as Cloud Plum is a special production tea cake that uses an iron press with five plum blossom indentations.  In the production of this tea high quality 2007 and 2008 early spring material was used.  Pure Cang Shan mountain spring water was used for the steaming process, which will enhance [...]

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Hexagonal Portable Tea Table and Tea Ware Set

At JAS eTea we have everything that is related to Premium Chinese Teas. This beautiful and useful portable tea table and tea ware set can be used anywhere quickly and easily. The top of the box serves as a tea table and the remaining items fold nicely into the compact hexagonal box for easy storage. [...]

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