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Spiced Chais (aka Masala Chais)

Our addition of chais is quite an exciting one for us. We wanted to bring these delicious creations to you in time for your winter cold weather tea enjoyment.

“Chai” means “tea,” but it is often used more loosely to mean a steeped or infused beverage. Masala chais are spiced teas from India and have definitely become classics in many countries with a growing number of varieties on the market. Many have a black tea base, but more and more have a green tea or herbal base.

The chais with a black tea base are usually served hot with lots of milk and sugar, but some are mild enough to enjoy straight. We have selected several that are true to the long-standing tradition in India where this style of tea is served on the streets by chawallahs. But we also included a number of herbal and green tea based versions just to give you a good variety!

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