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Commercial Sales Info

glassteacup2.jpgWholesale pricing available.
Special requests welcomed.
We will be happy to source the tea that is just right for your business.

Serve our fine teas to your customers and clients to show them you appreciate their business.


Our fine loose leaf teas will present your customers with unique flavors that are sure to satisfy and delight. Multiple infusions are possible with most of these teas, assuring you and your customers the best value for the price. And we carry a selections of flavored teas that will appeal to a wide range of tea drinkers, from the beginner to the most discriminating.

See our Selection of Teas for a start and be sure to check out our Special Collections.


We have a selection of teas that will soothe and relax your clients before and after that massage, hot oil treatment, mud bath, or other service. Other teas will rejuvenate and revive their spirits.

See our Wellness Teas section for ones we have specially selected, our Herbal Teas & Decaf Teas section for a caffeine free alternative, or browse our site for more options.

spa-tea2.jpgOur teas are also a great part of any wellness and weight loss programs you offer.

Yoga Studios

Regardless of the yoga style you are offering your clients, a refreshing cup of our pure, flavorful teas will be a nice way to relax after a session. Some of our teas are blended according to Ayurvedic principles (see our Wellness Teas section). Many of our teas are hand-plucked and hand-processed (sometimes taking several days to achieve the right flavor profiles). All are sure to please. From herbal blends, to the freshest Spring green, white, and yellow teas, you will find the perfect one for your clients and your business.


Keep your employees and any clients and guests perked up yet not hyper with the beverage that does both in the same cupful. The caffeine in tea stimulates while the L-Theanine soothes. And the flavors say "Wow!" Ditch the same old bagged teas and go with something a little different. We offer a growing array of teas in pyramid sachets, bagged, or loose with tea filters. And steeping loose isn't quite a time-consuming as some would think. Contact us for more information.

Purchase Plans

We offer pricing and purchase plans to suit a variety of situations and are always happy to work out an arrangement that fits your business.

Contact us at wholesale@jas-etea.com or call 828-808-4440
for a copy of our brochure and to see how we can help.

Note: Our teas are all assured to be of the finest quality, whether certified as organic or not. Organic certification can be a big expense for some growers, but our supplier knows them personally and their growing techniques. Harmful products are not used by any of them. And our supplier always engages in Fair Trade practices, in an atmosphere of mutual respect (which is how we like to do business, too).

Learn more about tea on our site here, on our blog, and in our articles here.

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