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Cost of Drinking Your Pu-erh Tea

jas-2011-spring-lagu-leisure-raw-pu-erhc1.jpgTo help you evaluate the true cost of Pu-erh Tea, we have prepared a Cost per Cup Evaluation.

Many people look at the price of a cake of pu-erh tea and think that it is extremely expensive tea to drink. The reality is that pu-erh is not like green tea, white tea, or virtually any other tea type due to the number of infusions that you can get from a single session. The table below is based on getting 15 infusions from an average of 7 grams of dry tea that would be used for a session. In reality, you will often get many more infusions from your pu-erh tea, but we wanted to be conservative with the figures here. We believe that you will be surprised at the results and will see how reasonable it is to drink pu-erh tea. Even a cake that costs around $70.00 provides tea at about $0.10 per cup!

Average cake size: 350 grams

Number of infusion sessions per cake: 50

Number of infusions per session: 15

Cost per cake

Cost per cup