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Darjeeling Teas

Darjeeling Teas

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Darjeeling tea comes from West Bengal, India, and are named after the town of Darjeeling in the foothills of the Himalayas there. The tea is made solely with the leaves of Camellia sinensis grown in one of the officially classified Darjeeling tea gardens. Many of these gardens are growing jats (tea plant cuttings) that came from China in the 1860s. However, many of these jats are being replaced by clonal tea plants with names like AV-2 and Jethi Kupi.

There are usually three flushes (periods of growth that then get harvested) during the growing season:

  • First flush (March through April) – a lightly fruity flavor like some of the finest green teas from China
  • Second flush (end of May through June) – more fully developed with very distinct Muscat grape (Muscatel) flavor profile
  • Third (Autumnal) flush (July through September) – a richer, stronger flavor; more daring tea drinkers can add milk and sweetener to it


All of our Darjeeling teas have the Darjeeling Tea Protected Origin Status.

The Darjeeling tea industry has been going through a hard time. Pushes to convert to all organic farming have cost tea farmers a lot of money and reduced yields by as much as one third. Factory fires have occurred at several gardens, with a heavy rebuilding expense. Garden owners have also been pushed into the expense of providing housing and schooling for workers and their families. Strikes have resulted in higher wages but not greater productivity and market prices for the teas. As a result, gardens are closing such as Peshok Tea Estate (still listed in tour guide books, though).

We do what we can to offer these teas to our customers at affordable prices, with a minimum markup to cover our administrative costs.

Also see our teas from the Jungpana Tea Estate, one of the better but lesser known of the Darjeeling tea gardens.

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