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Doi Mae Salong (DMS) Oolong Chaa Nang Ngam Beauty Pearls Tea - 50g

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Product Description

The Doi Mae Salong (DMS) Oolong Chaa Nang Ngam Beauty Pearls Tea is a special, once-a-year-possible harvest of a precious tea plant species imported from Taiwan's Alishan mountains in the middle nineties. The tea is handpicked from the blossoming tea plant after which it derives its name. The leaves are bitten by a leafhopper species, whose proboscis leaves behind a secretion in the tea leaf, which mixes and reacts with the tea leaf juice remaining there. The insect's interaction produces a small brown stain on the tea leaf just like you find on a Taiwanese 'Oriental Beauty' variety.

In the nomenclature, DMS means the cultivation region Doi Mae Salong. 'Cha Nang Ngam' is Thai language for 'beautiful female', with 'beautiful' having a larger connotation of diligent, demure, and gracious, while 'beauty' hints at the kinship with the Formosa Oriental Beauty.

This exceptional tea has a relatively low degree of fermentation (estimated 20-30%) and enjoys very high reputation in the Chinese and Taiwanese tea cultures. The tea is vibrantly bright to sated yellow in the cup and reveals a pronounced bloomy note, though virtually without any of the bitter component often typical for such bloomy aromas. While the scent of the dry tea only slightly hints at the tea's taste, the infusion's fragrance promises a lot of the then unfolding diversity of a spring meadow.

For the best taste results, we recommend using approximately 3-5 grams of the Beauty Oolong tea with 300ml water, an infusion temperature between 80-85°C, and an infusion period of 1-3 minutes. The aromatic and taste profile is sustained without loss for at least 4-5 infusions.


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Product Reviews

  • Mis-spelling

    by Jeff Oman – April 20, 2013

    Meant to say Yulan Dancong (magnolia) of course, not a yunan dancong.
    Jeez even with spellcheck.....

  • A new favorite

    by Jeff Oman – April 19, 2013

    This is a beautiful tea from the aroma, the color of the soup, and the lovely tiny brown green leaf sets The brewed leaves are charming. I recommend putting a couple in the cup.
    This isn't just a Taiwan Oolong transplanted to Thailand. This tea has everything it needs to stand on it own as a fine example of Thai tea production.
    The aroma is fruity and mouth watering and the flavor reminds me of ripe mango, sweet grapes and is very much like a Yunan DanCong. It's got a mildly thick buttery mouth feel that stays with you for some time after sipping.
    I brewed this tea in my trusty wood fired kyusu with 10g of tea to 400cc of water at 195. This tea lasts and lasts with steeps infusions starting at about 20 seconds and slowly rising you can enjoy pot after pot of this wonderful tea and it will bring you a touch of spring to this eternal winter.
    Don't over brew this tea! It takes a couple sittings to learn how to get the best of it but when you do I can't see how any Oolong lover could complain. The first impression of the aroma was Taiwan but now I have to say this is it's own. And the Thai tea masters have their talent.
    Can we get more please?