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Doi Mae Salong (DMS) Oolong No. 17 Ruan Zhi Jade Pearls Tea - 50g

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Product Description

The Doi Mae Salong (DMS) Oolong No. 17 Ruan Zhi Jade Pearls Tea is a queen amongst the Oolong teas of Northern Thailand. The No.17 Ruan Zhi hybrid genuinely originates from the Taiwanese Alishan Highlands, from where the tea plant was imported to North Thailand in 1994. There, particularly in the mountain region of Doi Mae Salong, the plant finds optimal climate and geological conditions similar to those in its place of origin at altitudes beween 1200 and 1800 meters and a seasonal change between a rainy, a hot and dry, and a cool period in a 4-months rhythm, and has since been brought to a new level of perfection by the local population of ethnic Chinese (Yunnan) origin.

In the nomenclature of this Oolong tea, No.17 stands for the tea plant hybrid also named Ruan Zhi, Jade for the color of this only lightly fermented tea liquor and its precious character, and Pearls for the rolled form, in which this tea is usually made available. The beautiful, carefully handpicked, rolled leaf will, when infused in hot water, open to its full size within half a minute and give a clear jade-green to bright yellow cup, mild, yet rich in aroma, with a velvet-fruity touch of sweetness and a charming flowery note.

Just like other high-grade Oolong teas in its class, this Jade Oolong Tea is also perfectly suitable for the traditional Chinese form of tea preparation, the 'Gong Fu Cha' or 'Tea Ceremony'. In order to appreciate this tea's individual taste and aroma nuances in even more detail, tea masters will infuse the DMS Oolong No. 17 Ruan Zhi Jade Pearls up to 7 times or more with this special and particularly sophisticated form of tea preparation.

For the best taste results, we recommend using approximately 3-5 grams of the Oolong tea with 300ml water, an infusion temperature from 80-85°C, and an infusion period of 1-3 minutes. The aromatic and taste profile is sustained without loss for at least 4-5 infusions.


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Product Reviews

  • Many faces...

    by Jeff Oman – May 5, 2013

    This tea will respond to your mood like few I've tasted. I've gotten a flowery Magnolia, a spicy cinnamon, even a butter and toast!
    It's been brothy and thick, and it filled my mouth and throat with sweetness with an excellent Hui Gan. The leaves in the pot smell like nothing other than the green chestnut of Dragon Well.
    I use a kyusu at 190 using 10g of leaves in about 10 ounces of water. I like to give my Oolongs plenty of room to open up and give up their best and this one does!
    Try it! It's delightful.