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Green Tea Sampler - 10 Varieties - 15g each

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Product Description

This selection provides you with an ability to sample a large variety of green teas without investing in a single tea that you may not find to your liking. Each tea sample below is for 15 grams.

Tea 1: Imperial West-lake High-Mountain Long Jing

Our high-mountain Long Jing is directly purchased from the tea farmer as opposed to a large company. The tea field is located high on the mountain at an altitude of 1300 meters. This tea is hand-picked and the tea leaves are pan-fired. This provides the tea with a high chestnut aroma mixed with light orchid fragrance that makes you want to eat the leaves. Our Longjing is only picked one time in spring from a tea garden where no fertilizers and pesticides are ever used.

Tea 2: Spring Imperial Zhu Ye Qing

Our Zhu Ye Qing (bamboo green) comes from a local farmer directly in Emei mountain area of Sichuan province. When harvested, the workers carefully pick the fat single buds from tea tree. This tea has very pleasing orchid aroma, a delicate and sweet taste which is a featire of high mountain tea. It requires 60,000 buds to make 500g Zhu Ye Qing green tea. On a personal note, I sincerely appreciate the work required of the Chinese tea farmers to make this low-yield tea.

Tea 3: Spring Premium Bi Luo Chun

Bi Luo Chun is renowned for its amazing fragrance which traces back its growing environment. There are many peach trees, plum, loquat, guava, almond and some other fruit tea trees in the areas where Bi Luo Chun is grown; that is why this tea is famous for its fruity taste and aroma.

Tea 4: Spring Imperial Xin Yang Mao Jian

Being one of the top ten famous tea in China, it is sought after by many heavy tea drinkers. Though it contains mainly buds, the tea possesses an extremely thick taste and can be infused three times by using big glass cup vessel (this surprised me the most when I first tried it). This tea is rich is high floral aroma and some light chestnut taste. Only the tender tea buds are picked, which is delicate and beatiful to view after steeping in the glass cup. Our Mao Jian is obtained directly from a tea farmer in Hei Long Tang, which is famous for producing the best Maojian in Xinyang area. All tea leaves are Hand-picked, wok-fried and charcoal baked. This process imparts an extremely unique taste to the tea. 

Tea 5: Spring Premium Liu An Gua Pian

Our Liu An Gua Pian is obtained directly from a tea farmer living in Qiyu mountain (the birthplace of Liu An Gua Pian), Jinzai county. This tea is reknown for a very fresh taste and special thick orchid floral aroma. Tha taste is very sweet with no bitterness at all. Completely handmade tea with unique tea shape and special tea aroma. This tea is made by hand using the traditional process so its leaves are not in the same uniform shape; this is unlike the machine-made Liu An Gua Pian where almost all of the leaves have the same uniform shape. 

Tea 6: Spring Premium Anji Bai Cha

Our Anji Bai Cha is from a high-mountain tea garden in Anji. This area is picked once per year to make sure the tea plants maintain their extreme high quality and thick taste when harvested. This is an ecological-friendly tea garden -- no pesticides or fertilizers are used. All tea harvested from this tea garden meets the European Standard of minimum residue level. 

Tea 7: Spring Imperial Xianzhi Green Tea

Xianzhi green tea is one of a very special green tea found in Wuyuan county. It grows in high mountain region in the Changxi village. This tea has a beautiful orchid aroma and long sweet aftertaste. Like many of our other teas, this wonderful specimum is obtained directly from the tea farmer and is completely made by hand.

Tea 8: Spring Imperial Ming Mei Green Tea

Ming Mei (Lady's Slender eyebrow) is one of the famous green teas originating from the Jiangxi province. It is named because its shape is similiar to lady's slendar eyebrow. This tea grows in the high mountain region of Wuyuan county. It is carefully picked using the standard of one bud with one leaf. The tea is full of silver tea hair and rich in aroma similar to fried chestnut aroma. It possesses a sweet initial taste and lingering sweet aftertaste. No matter how long you infuse this tea, it won't get bitter.

Tea 9: Spring Imperial Chun Mei Green Tea

No description available.

Tea 10: Imperial Jiangxi IMO Organic-Certified Wild-growing Green Tea

No description available.

In total, you get 150 grams of an outstanding selection of green teas. Enjoy!

Infusion method: Green teas are by their very nature more delicate and sensitive to water temperature during infusion. If you get the water too hot, you may create a more bitter cup of tea.  

Water temperature: 175°F

Water type: Use spring water or filtered tap water

Amount of tea: approximately one teaspoon (5 grams) per 100 ml of water. This is a guideline so you should feel free to experiment.

Time: Infuse for 1 to 3 minutes depending on your preference

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