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Jungpana Darjeeling Tea

Jungpana Darjeeling Teas

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The Jungpana Tea Estate is very admirable among the 87 tea gardens in West Bengal who bear the official designation of being a Darjeeling Tea Estate. They are under sensible managers and focused on developing great teas for us tea lovers. And we're very glad!

The Jungpana Tea Estate is one of the smaller tea estates in the Darjeeling area of West Bengal in northern India. It has been growing and producing what many call “vintage” Darjeeling teas for around 100 years. Getting the tea from the garden to market is quite an undertaking, since they have to be toted down the mountain-side by workers (a bridge and mule train were washed away by landslides in 1993). We gave the tea its due respect in light of such efforts being made.

The Jungpana estate is fairly well known among lovers of Darjeeling teas. The name “Jungpana” is based on a legend and meaning roughly “where Jung Bahadur had his last drink of water.” [Jung was a servant mauled by a tiger he was trying to keep from attacking his British hunter master. And “pana” means water.]

The estate, originally planted by a British tea planter named Henry Lennox in 1899, has been producing undeniably vintage Darjeeling teas famous for their muscatel flavor. The Kejriwal family took over ownership in 1953 and still run it today. Despite their hard-to-access location (no roads), they have managed to build quite a reputation. Their teas have a distinct flavor attributed to their micro-climate on the south side of a mountain in the foothills of the Himalayas. Their tea bushes are pure Chinese jats, and they use manufacturing techniques that produce the finest rich flavor and bouquet for which Darjeeling teas claim the name “the champagne of teas.”

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