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Keemun Hao Ya A (whole leaf style) Organic-Certified - 50g

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Product Description

Our Keemun Hao Ya A (whole leaf style) Black Tea (祁红) is Organic-Certified and one of the classic Chinese black teas. This outstanding and rare tea is the highest keemun standard available with sweet biscuity fragrance and exquisitely mild but complex aroma with a hint of smokiness. Many fans of this tea say you can compare Keemun Hao Ya A to a fine burgundy wine because of its superb bouquet. Keemun Hao Ya A has been traditionally used as gifts by Chinese state leaders for foreign celebrities. The premium tea ages well and improves over time.

Quantity: 50 grams

Tea Type: Keemum Hao Ya A (whole leaf style) 

Region: Qimen County, Anhui Province (home of the original Keemum)

Grade: Hao Ya A grade (the highest grade)

Manufacture Type: Keemun Congou (special keemun orthodox)

Infusion: Keemun Hao Ya A produces liquor with luster and bright reddish brown color. In a cup, it gives bright golden ring appeared near the edge of liquor to the cup. The golden ring is the sign that tea leaves are rich in theaflavins and that is vital for good quality.

Tea Leaves After Infusing: The leaves show bright brownish red color,very consistent and even. When touched with finger, the leaves are thick, soft, and elastic.

For more information see About Keemun Tea

Excerpt from a review from TeaViews:

   "If this tea were personified it might have a grandiose narcissistic personality, but I wouldn't blame it. For those fellow M*A*S*H nerds, it would have the pomp of Charles Emmerson Winchester without the garish pride that disgusted Hawk and BJ so much. This dashingly handsome Keemun comes from Qimen County in Anhui, China, which is the original birthplace of all Keemun teas. Furthermore, Hao Ya is considered the finest grade among the Keemuns, so much so that it is sorted into grade A and B. So like Charles, it has a heritage to confirm itself by.
   "The leaves, even before they were brewed, gave me enough reason to crave the tea. The aroma is intoxicating. A deep inspiration of wooded chocolaty goodness is followed by the balancing earthiness that many fine Keemuns seem to possess in spades. I believe I spent nearly a minute inhaling the solid tones of this tea, then proceeded to have everyone else in the apartment smell it and lend their opinions. Then I went back to smelling it and attempting to concoct a way of making it into a sachet. Brewing does a bit of lysis to the dry leaf breezes, it is not a bad breakdown merely different, although I did prefer the dry smell over the steeped aroma. As it was steeped the chocolaty woodiness was transferred into a burgundy (yes, the wine) bouquet.
   "The overall taste was deliciously deep and complex. The flavour of wood which I had detected before in the leaves metamorphosed into a full blown pine tree, but not the bark or evergreen leaves, but the moist inside of a small twig that has been peeled or cut open. This was matched with a bittersweet dark chocolate savour. The finish and lingering remnants are the grounding earthy dirt taste, which drove me to think of an oolong so the slightest moment."

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Product Reviews

  • A Very Unique Tea

    by Richard – January 26, 2014

    Your Review…As the title suggests this tea is unique. It's taste is markedly different from all other teas. You will experience a definitive opinion. Like or dislike. It is very aromatic, smooth, never bitter or astringent -even when cool - and has a distinct full aftertaste. The flavor is powerful, it is a black tea with caffeine and makes a great morning drink. It is a very high grade tea and if you like it you'll love it.