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Matcha Powder 1000 Mesh EU Premium Grade Organic-Certified - 50g

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Product Description

Matcha is a finely-powdered green tea. Matcha originates from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) in China and was the only tribute way of drinking tea in the Tang and Song Dynasties (960-1279). During that period, the preparation of matcha was more complicated and had more steps than the current Japanese matcha ceremony. 

Subsequently, in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang banned the production of cake teas and encouraged the production of loose leaves tea (this was mostly connected to his humble origin). From then on, loose leaf tea has been the most popular in China to this day.

guide-matcha.jpg1,000 mesh is a powder diameter standard that means 1,000 tiny holes in the screen per square inch which is about 0.013 milimeter per powder in diameter. 

Preparing Matcha is very simple, as shown here:

Step 1: wash the whisk and the bowl

Step 2: put one to two tablespoons (about 2g) of dry matcha into the chawan

Step 3: pour about 3cc warm water into the chawan, and whisk the matcha with the water

Step 4: pour an additional 60cc warm water into the chawan, and whisk the matcha in the shape of a W to get as many bubbles as possible 

You can drink it straight or add some honey or other flavors, enjoying both the matcha and the additive flavor profiles. Enjoy the freshness of matcha. 

In addition to drinking, matcha can also be used in baking, ice cream, yoghurt, a DIY matcha mask to smooth your skin, etc. [Disclaimer: This is not meant as health advice; please consult your doctor for details.]

For more information and recipes, click on the brochure image at right.

Learn more about tea on our site here and on our blog.
Our guide to translating Chinese tea labels to English.

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Product Reviews

  • A very pleasant cup of tea.

    by Bruce A. – February 28, 2015

    OK, I tried some Matcha tea for the first time... ever...
    I used an egg-beater/whisk to whip it into shape!
    I just placed it in my coffee... er... I mean Tea Cup and twirrelled it back and forth by rubbing it between my palms like I was a Boy Scout trying to start a fire!! Worked great!
    I liked it and I even made another cup later, drank half of that and then tried it iced. I wouldn't suggest doing that.... it is great hot but does not work well when iced. This is a hot beverage. It has a hint of flavor of "green plant" but not "grassy" as I have heard Matcha described as before. Very nice....!