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Menghai 2006 First Grade Ripe Pu-erh Tea - 50g Pkg Loose Leaves

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Product Description

This Menghai 2006 First Grade Ripe Pu-erh Tea is in loose leaf form and was carefully selected by my supplier during one of their annual tea acquisition trips to Menghai. 

This tea is processed using a medium-fermentation style that is carefully-controlled by the skillful technicians who are in charge of the fermentation. This tea possesses a very thick, soft, and mellow taste with a wonderful full, lingering aftertaste. This tea has been dry aged.The longer it is stored and ages, the better the aroma and taste it will become. It can be brewed at least 12 times.  

Storage method: Please store all Pu-erh tea in a dry environment without any odor. The best storage environment temperature is between 10-35°C; between 50-75% relative humidity.  

Type of Pu-erh: ripe (cooked) pu-erh

Composition: Yunnan big leaf variety (around 40 year-old small tea arbor)

Vintage: 2006 spring

Grade: First grade 

Origin: Menghai area, Yunnan province, China

Quantity: 50 grams per sealed foil package


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Product Reviews

  • Great Tea

    by Matthew Moore – March 30, 2014

    This tea is very good. It has a buttery taste with a slight hint of oak flavor as well. Along with the ease of being loose leaf, the flavor is full bodied and I will definitely be getting some more in the future.