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Menghai Dayi Brand 2009 Lao Cha Ripe Pu-erh Tea - 250g Tuo

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Product Description

This Menghai Dayi Brand 2009 Lao Cha Ripe Pu-erh Tea Tuo is a gem.

"Lao Cha Tou" literally translates as the "old tea nugget." This tea is formed during the pu-erh fermentation process in which tea is piled as high as a foot and kept moist and covered to promote fermentation. During the fermentation, the temparature in the tea piles increase gradually, so that the tea leaves can ferment based on the interactions of their interior enzyme thus creating ripe pu-erh tea. During the entire process, workers need to stir and turn over the teas every few days, so that the heat won't burn the tea leaves at the bottom of the pile where it is hottest. During the fermentation and stirring, some of the tea leaves will excrete their natural pectins and soluble sugar causing them to cling together. After the fermentation, the workers sieve these nugget out and set them aside to create the "old tea nugget" tea. So the nugget tea is a much more highly fermented tea compared to the usual ripe pu-erh tea. In other words, this is the reason that it has a greater thickness and mellowness in the tea soup and some people say that the infusability is better than the other ripe pu-erh teas. Normally, the nugget pu-erh tea contains nuggets from many previous years, so if you store it for several more years, it will usually demonstrate an unexpected increase in the aged aroma and sweetness of the tea liquid.

Important tips:

  1. For brewing ripe pu-erh tea, the water temperature should be over 205°F.  
  2. After many infusions of the nugget tea, you can still boil it, and the tea taste is still quite good.

Type of tea: Ripe Pu-erh

Composition: Yunnan big leaf tea bush

Net Weight: 250 grams

Producer: Menghai Tea Factory

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Product Reviews

  • WW3 is here so I need a good tea

    by David – November 21, 2016

    The tea is great. I would however like to find an old tree, broad leaf full fermented non mixed tea.

    Shipping was fast once it was shipped, though nothing happened over veterans day, which was ok, Im a vet.

    I recommend both the tea and the seller. The packaging is great, the marketing is top notch and the attention to detail excellent.

    This Co. has their act together.