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Menghai & Dayi Brand Pu-erhs

menghaiteafactoryimages.jpgThe Menghai Tea Factory is located in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China. Tea gardens abound. Leaves from those gardens are mixed according to recipes, indicated by a four-digit number where the first two digits are the year the recipe was produced, the third is the grade of leaves used, and the last is the factory (2 for Menghai Tea Factory). For example, 7542 means a recipe from 1975 using fourth-grade tea leaf made by the Menghai Tea Factory. Some of the newer series the factory produces are not referenced by recipe number. This factory specializes in pu-erh tea, being well known for its old raw pu-erh cakes and having a high reputation in the tea industry of China. They also produce pu-erh in other shapes: loose leaf, tuocha which are sometimes called bird’s nests, bingcha which is a disc shape, zhuancha which is a brick shape, and others. They also use the brandname “Dayi” (大益) which it adopted when transitioning to a private company in the 1980s-1990s (in 1996 the factory went fully private). (From its founding in 1940 until the 1980s, the factory was government run.) The brand was officially registered in June 1989 and became the exclusive one they used in 1996.

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