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Nahorhabi Assam Tea

Nahorhabi Tea Estate

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The name “Nahorhabi” comes from the fact that nahor trees used to grow in the area. The new leaves on the tree in Spring time have a sparkling red color, giving it a look said by many to be majestic. The tree can grow to about 90-95 feet high. It is also known as Mesua, Ceylon ironwood, Indian rose chestnut, Cobra's saffron, Na, and Nahar. The tree is native to India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Nahorhabi Estate is in the Assam state of India but also very near to the state of Nagaland. The estate is in the Shivasagar District; the famous Shiva Temple is there and draws pilgrims from all over India. Jayshree Tea and Industries Ltd. acquired the estate in 1955. They invested a lot of time and money into helping the estate improve and grow. Hectares under tea cultivation tripled (gross yield is just over 1300 tons annually), and the estate received one of the first ISO 9002 certificates for growing, processing, and marketing of Orthodox and CTC teas. They were also one of the first tea estates in the world for Orthodox tea processing. Jayshree maintains a dense forest on one side of the garden and continually plants new trees in other areas. Their stewardship is top-notch. They also take good care of those working on the estate and use no child laborers.

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