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Pu-erh Mountains

ancient-tea-mountains2a.jpgSeveral mountains in Yunnan Province, China, are especially favored for the quality of the pu-erhs that come from them. We carry several here, including but not limited to:

Jinggu Mountain – also called "Cloud Mountain"; not far from Jinggu Town, Lincang, Kunming, Pu’er, and other well-known Chinese tea producing towns. The road to this tea mountain is bumpy and cliffy, with slippery and washed out roads during the rainy season. It was cultivated by members of the Wai minority in Jinggu around 400 years ago. Due to the inconvenience of living in a high mountain region, they moved down to the foot of this mountain about 100 years ago, and this tea mountain was forgotten. It was not until about three years ago that our supplier rediscovered the wild-growing tea there.

Nannuo (南糯山) Mountain – in the Xishuangbanna prefecture in the southern part of Yunnan province, China. This mountain is one of the new Famous Six Tea Mountains (the others are Yiwu, Jingmai, Menghai, Bulang, and Youle) and is located north of the Mekong River.

Mengsong (勐宋山) Mountain – one of the lesser tea mountains in the eastern part of Menghai county, southeast part of Yunnan province. There are a number of old tea plantations covering about 3,800 acres, or over 10% of the total mountain surface area (33,000 acres).

Pu-erhs get added with some frequency, so please check back often.

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