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Pu-erh Teas

Our selections of some of the finest pu-erh teas from China

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Pu-erh is a category of tea called fermented or aged. It is a true black tea (in its aged form), unlike what we in Europe and North America call black tea, and has unique flavor characteristics. It is best infused gongfu style in a gaiwan or Yixing teapot. There are two basic types:

  1. Sheng – raw – uncooked – Original kind created to last long journeys from tea factories to market.
  2. Shu – shou – ripe – cooked – Fairly new style; leaves undergo wo dui (wet pile fermentation), age faster.

These teas are often pressed into various shapes, including thin discs, mushroom shapes, tuos, mini-tuos, and bricks. Today, loose pu-erh is also available, and some of our teas are in that form.

Shop for Yixing teapots and gaiwans to steep our pu-erhs at their best.

Sample packs are available as supply allows. Check our Sample Packs page.

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