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dokeblkfusnaf2014-3a.jpgThere is a lot to know about tea. See our many articles posted here.

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Tea and Your Health:

Knowing about pu-erh helps you enjoy this wonderful and varied style of tea even moreAbout Pu-erh Tea:

See more information on our blog Fine Tea Focus.

About Other Teas:

There are four other basic styles of tea besides pu-erh: White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Black Tea. The big difference between each is mainly oxidation. However, time and method of harvest, where grown, method of processing, and tea plant cultivars result in a wide array of each style. Some also claim there is Yellow Tea (a minimally oxidized tea to take away some of the green tea grassiness) and Purple Tea (from a special cultivar developed in Africa).

Symbology in all things has been part of Chinese culture for thousands of years and as such is also part of tea enjoyment

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