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Teawares & More

A variety of teapots, gaiwans, cups, and accessories to help you enjoy your tea at its best

The best teawares will help you infuse our premium teas at their best. In fact, we recommend a gaiwan or steeping glass for many of our fine teas. Yixing teapots are another good option, but be sure to infuse only one type of tea in each pot since the porous clay is not sealed. Sipping your fine teas from small cups also helps you get the full flavors. And don't miss our aroma cups, especially good for oolongs where you will want to enjoy the fragrance of the leaves and the liquid as much as you will want to savor the taste.

Also, don't miss our travel sets so you can enjoy our fine teas when you travel. They are great for hosting a tea tasting party in your home or a friend's, or even a public venue such as your local library. Share the joy!

See also Vessels by Rod Haaland. Beautiful and unique! Rod is a master craftsman with his own sense of style.

Learn more about tea on our site here, on our blog, and in our articles here.

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