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Thai and Other Oolongs

The Locations

Some oolongs are from some areas that are beginning to be recognized for their oolongs outside of their own countries. Noteworthy oolongs are coming from Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Indian states of Sikkim, West Bengal, and Assam, plus ones from other areas that are a bit surprising. Such as New Zealand with their “Zealong” versions.

Some Oolongs from These Other Locations

  • Zealongs – A clever name for these teas from New Zealand.
    • Zealong Dark – a more roasty, vegetal tasting oolong that is more oxidized and infusing a pale green liquid.
    • Zealong Pure – a mildly planty tea with a somewhat buttery mouthfeel and a pale to deep yellow color as you infuse it multiple times.


  • Sikkim Oolong Tea from Temi Tea Garden – The state of Sikkim is next to Nepal, and Temi is the only known tea garden there.
  • Darjeeling Oolong – made according to Chinese methods but still having that distinctive fruity quality.
  • Assam Smoked Oolong – the state of Assam in northern India.
  • Nepali Oolongs – little known in the U.S. but gaining more attention and steadily improving.
  • Thai Oolongs – the oolongs we have tried and have in stock are from northern Thailand from the Doi Mae Salong cultivation area (1200-1800 meters elevation).


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