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White Teas / Yellow Teas


Scroll down to see our white and yellow teas currently available.

buying-guide-white-tea.jpgWhite teas are very special, and many are quite rare. They are usually silvery in color due to the “hairs” on the buds from which they are made. They go through very minimal processing and generally have a short shelf-life if not stored properly. The demand for white tea has been on the rise since some manufacturers of anti-aging skin care and beauty products are now adding it to their formulae. They are also showing up in CONTINUE READING...

We also have a yellow tea, a fairly rare type of tea that could also be classified as a very light oolong. It is basically a green tea that is slightly oxidized to reduce the stomach upset some people experience from green teas.

Sample packs are available as supply allows. Check our Sample Packs page.

View our buying guide brochure (PDF). View our full buying guide (PDF).

See our new Guide to Tea and Cheeses, featuring a number of our products and cheeses they pair with. (PDF - opens in new window.)

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