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Wuyi Rock Oolong Tea Competition Rou Gui "Cinnamon" Imperial Zheng Yan - 25g

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Product Description

Wuyi Rock Oolong Tea Competition Rou Gui "Cinnamon" Imperial Zheng Yan is a taste treat.

Rou Gui Wuyi rock tea is named after its cinnamon taste. Rou Gui rock tea is sought after by many heavy tea drinkers for its distinct cinnamon aroma and taste; it has a thickness and sweetness in the tea liquor. 

This is a limited quantity competion Rou Gui from the 2013 Autumn Wuyi rock Oolong tea competion. For the first infusion, the charcoal baking aroma is obvious which is quite enjoyable and pursued by many heavy tea-drinkers. After sipping it, you will detect the distinct rock and delicate tea taste. Then there is a very long, sweet aftertaste and sharp, pleasing cinnamon taste will dominate your whole month. In subsequent infusions, the mouth feeling will continuously change and continue to delight you. 

High-roasted Wuyi rock tea can be stored for a long, long time, and old Wuyi rock tea has a good medical health effect.

This is high-roasted Rou Gui from Zheng Yan areas, and has earned many awards as the Rou Gui king in Wuyi tea testing events. 

All of medium to high-roasted Wuyi rock tea can be stored for over 2-3 years. This tea can be stored for at least 4 years.

Harvest time: 2013

Picking standard: one bud with two leaves

Shape: tight bar shaped tea leaves

Dried tea color: dark brown color

Aroma: natural and fresh unique fragrance

Tea liquid color: bright golden yellow

Taste: freshness, mellow, thickness, unique flower taste

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Product Reviews

  • Pleasing and flavourful.

    by Gary B. – May 27, 2015

    This tea took me a while to get the full spectrum of flavour. The first 3 steepings were quite strong, but not overpowering. After the 4th the flavours were mellow and more pleasing. This is another tea I would purchase again.