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Xiaguan 2005 Baoyan "Tibetan Flame" Raw Pu-erh Tea - 250g Brick

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Xiaguan tea factory has been producing the Xiaguan 2005 Baoyan Tibetan Flame Raw Pu-erh Tea 250g brick for about 50 years. It is consumed by the people of western Yunnan and Tibet as a staple. Typically, it is brewed as a component of Yak Butter tea. The brew consists of Pu-erh tea, churned yak butter, salt, and a touch of raw sugar also in brick form. Occasionaly, hemp seeds are added to the brew for a nutty flavor. This tea is referred to as "brick tea" by the Tibetan people, not Pu-erh tea. The flavor is bold and stimulating and the brick also ages well. Xiaguan has been producing the "Tibetan Flame" brand for almost 50 years. Until the 90's, the Xiaguan Tea Factory was owned by the government and was obligated to produce and deliver these bricks to the Tibetan peoples living in Yunnan and Tibet.

santahelpertip2.jpgEach indivual brick is 250 grams, but the individual brick is not wrapped as an individual brick; 5 bricks are packaged together and then wrapped. 

Order 5 bricks and get it in the original packaging shown in the pictures.

Vintage: 2004 and 2005 Raw material

Production area: Baoshan and Lincang

Produced at: Xiaguan Tea Factory

Year: 2005

The Xiaguan Tea Factory islocated in the biggest compressed tea distributing center, Dali city in Yunnan province, and was established in 1941. The Xiaguan tea factory has two brands: The Song He (Crane) brand is established in 1902, and is widely exported to many overseas countries.  Another brand is the Bao Yan (Holy flame). This brand used to be used primarily in the border regions of China, but now it is commonly consumed by many tea lovers.

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